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Micturate Surrogate

Wall, West Loop

City Life People Public Art

A Head For Business

Actually called Corporate Head, by Terry Allen.

There is a poem by Philip Levine on the sidewalk, which reads:

They said
I had a head
for business.
They said
to get ahead
I had to lose
my head.
They said
be concrete
& I became
They said
go, my son,
divide, conquer.
I did my best.

725 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles.

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Metaphorical Zygote

Solitary paddler, Lake Austin, aka Lady Bird Lake, aka Colorado River

City Life People

Wages of Sin and a Pink Caddy

In front of Pacific Garden Mission, South Loop, Chicago

City Life People

Frowns Could Lay In Wait

Entrance to the Getty Museum, LA

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Evening Approaching

View looking south down the Chicago River at dusk.

Thousands of stories are unspooling right at this very moment, you just can’t see them as clearly as you can see the clouds move.

City Life People

And Indeed There Will Be Time

Downtown Los Angeles

City Life Nocturne

A Photo For All And None

Rain slick streets are fun to photograph, especially if you have a bellyful of wine.


Toronto, Ontario.

Architecture City Life Landscape Public Art

Cadillac Daphne – Northerly Isle

Sculptor: Dessa Kirk. Sculpture apparently reclaimed Cadillac parts.

Northerly Island f/k/a Miegs Field